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26.01.2022 12:13
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MrScotch @ 26.01.2022 12:34
the good old days
StrangeLove @ 26.01.2022 17:40
What's not to like?! Lufthansa had good class in those days. Bauenfrüstück, draft beer in real glasses served by a nice, polite & stressfree stewardesse and you were allowed to smoke. Back then, a flight from Stuttgart to Sydney(via Bangkok-Singapore) took nearly 2½ days, because you had one night in Bangkok. Things has gone sideways since then.
MrScotch @ 27.01.2022 08:29
Smoking cigars and have a glass of whisky or rum while flying. Would be lovely!
If you fly with lufthansa/qatar/the bis airlines, you also could drink a lot beer and the food is quite good
StrangeLove @ 27.01.2022 09:25
Not flying anymore. I retired in 2003. Enjoying life here and sail if i want to go somewhere else.
MrScotch @ 27.01.2022 11:33
Sailing is a relaxing travel option